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We welcome you with open paws!

We provide the best possible care for your pet and your home anytime you can't be there!

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What We Offer:

*Services and Fees vary depending on daily/weekly care and day care (30min-1hour)*


Professional Petsitting

Pet ownership is a very special experience that is enormously rewarding. It is also filled with vast responsibilities and challenges. One of the most critical issues is what to do with your pet(s) if you are away from home. Whether you are taking a vacation, have a business trip, or just want someone to let "Rover" or "Fluffy" out during your workday, Don't Fence Me In is here to help!

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Dog Walking

We all know Rover loves to run, play, and explore the outdoors! But sometimes our busy work schedules get in the way as dog owners. That's where I come in! I take the stress off your hands by creating a normal excercise routine for your pup through daily or weekly walking.


A secure environment where all sights, sounds, and smells are familiar.

Normal diet and excerise routine.

No trauma of travel in a vehicle.

No exposure to illnesses, etc. while you are away.


No inconvenience or distress from transporting your pet.

No imposing on friends, neighbors or relatives.

Your home's security and daily maintenance is looked after.

Peace of mind knowing your pet and your home are safe, and secure while you are away.

During Each Home Visit:

Your pet will receive food, water and medication (if needed).

Pets living area will be thoroughly cleaned and maintained (bed, food bowls, letterbox, yard, etc.)

Pets will be excercised, played with and given lots of love & attention.

We will maintain your home in the manner your specify (plants, lights, mail, etc.)

About Beth:


Over 23

Years Experience

I began pet sitting because I care about people and their pets. As an animal lover and pet owner myself, I am extremely sensitive to trauma associated by leaving your pet(s) and home. With additional experience as a professional pet groomer, I am very skilled at understanding your animals and gaining their trust quickly. When you are away, I want your animals to look forward to the time we spend together.

Don't Fence Me In is my full-time commitment. My promise to you is that your pet will receive the type of care that I demand for my own pets.

- Beth Braun, Owner

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“Beth is extremely conscientious!  She has years of experience in animal care and will perform with punctuality and professionalism, and dogs love her!" - Joy K.

“Beth is a true professional.  The dogs love her,&she trains them each session.  She is super knowledgeable about any dog issues that come up.  I don't trust my dog with many, she is the true blue master of her trade.  I highly recommend Beth!" - Ali M.

“Beth is the consummate dog sitter, using her skills as a dog trainer to really make the most of her visits.  Our dog is ecstatic to have her arrive and we are ecstatic to come home to a perfect home and happy dog." - Margaret A. L.

“We have had the privilege of Beth's loving care for the last three of our canine critters.  It's rare that you meet someone like her, with such a sterling character.  I have the utmost trust that any pet left in her care will be treated like royalty.  The comfort level of having her in my home is priceless" - Carol P.

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